Share a story about an encounter with a wild animal.

This is so crazy…

I love the movie Couples Retreat…if you haven’t seen it, you MUST.  I especially like the part when Vince Vaughn’s character talks about his shark attack and how he is now a member of an elite group of “shark attack survivors”.

I like it even more because now I am member of a similar club….the Pigeon Attack Survivor’s Group.

I grew up with this preconceived notion that birds were already evil.  My father used to talk to us about the movie Birds and how that could really happen in real life :o\  I think birds are gorgeous…but like my siblings could probably attest to, when it comes to the zoo or the bird shows in an amusement park for example, I just assume leave it and move onto better things, like the monkeys. WHY??  Because birds are evil, right??  Anyway, a couple weeks ago, I met up with my friends the Jefferson’s and their out of town visitor, Melanie for a day trip in Rudesheim.  It’s right on the Rhine River and touristy.  We decided to venture to the wine museum (I had no part in picking that place, of course).  It was in an old castle ruin and we had the whole place to ourselves (Clue #1).  As we strolled through and took some cool photos, we embarked on some tiny little stone staircases that led us up the tower.  All still very cool.  As soon as we got the top, I heard a bird flapping and escaping the open tower we were invading (Clue #2).  The next thing in my line of sight was a statute of what looked like a crow…it was creeping me out more than it was the pigeons, I’m sure.  So after we perused the top of the tower, it was time to make our descent down the other side of the tower…complete with even more uneven, stoney, tiny stairs.  Did I mention there are no lights? (Clue #3).  As we headed down single-file, I heard the sound I thought I had barely escaped….the infamous flapping wings.  I could see a glimmer of light shining through a window on the side of the spiraling staircase, and then I realized a pigeon was trapped in our staircase!!  We had no choice but to pass this insane, flapping, killer bird.  Lucky for me, I thought, April was in front of me and head of the line.  So she would certainly bear the brunt of what the bird was about to unleash (after all, that is what a true friend does).  I just kept a close distance behind her and waited for the perfect moment for her to scurry down past the window so that I could just follow suit (we like to call that ‘taking cover’).  All I have to say is, pigeons are in fact EVIL!  Instead of my well thought out plan for the bird, he diverted from the ridiculous flapping and decided to make a fly for it!  Right up the staircase and between my eyes it was headed!  Thank goodness I am a quick reactor…even if I’m not an accurate one.  I dropped down, slipped on the 2 inch stone step and grabbed the wall (which for sure made out of barbed wire and  glass) and ultimately resulted in a chunk of my hand gone missing!  I made it out alive that day…but as you now know, I have the scar to prove my status as Pigeon Attack victim. Never again will I underestimate the sporadic mindset of a bird.  Nor will I ever consider watching the movie Birds again…just sayin’.


They just sat there and waited for us "prey" to approach...disconcerting to say the least!


Feed the birds my a$$, Mary Poppins….

Love ya!

One thought on “356

  1. That my dear made me laugh from the bottom of my tummy! Except of course th part where you got a chunk of your hand torn off……..TOO FUNNY

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