Ambassador of Softball


This past weekend, Saige and George had their first daddy/daughter, coach/player game.  We traveled to the Netherlands (about 3 1/2 hours) and history was made for the Isla Fam.  Both George and Saige were on the field together doing what they both love to do.  It was so awesome to see them do their thang.  The days were long, but the tourney was such a great time.  Compared to last years trip to Italy and all its drama, this was by far a better experience.  Probably because the drama starters finally realized there is no place for self-absorbed whining in softball…just sayin.  Anyway, probably the best part of it all was seeing how much better Saige has gotten since last season.  She has really taken off and come into her own as an infielder and a center fielder.  Plus, she has advanced in her hitting as well.  So proud of her.

With the exception of some mystery tube meat and poisonous beer, Saturday after the games was the highlight of the weekend.  The program had set up a night of karaoke and dancing for all the teams.  Watching them let loose and act silly was more than entertaining.  Of course I forgot my camera back in the room that night, so no pics of that.  But, I did get summoned by George to sing Livin’ On A Prayer in front of everyone….and you know I can’t resist making a fool of myself…it’s my specialty…LOL!  (Don’t put me on a  stage with a spotlight and a microphone unless you mean business).

Check out the pics of our fab time :o)

Before the trip

Indoor softball is so weird...but she made 2 runs this game.

The younger kids made good use of their time, of course

Finally outside...

Swing Batter

Second base suits her well

Warming up for day two

Meeting of the minds

Lead-off hitter

Black, white, and red...go K-Town colors!!

They are all super fun

Softball model

Coach "Ice"

Saige and Reagan...buddies all the days

Team Ambassadors 2011...nice gun show Saige!

Thanks for looking….

Love ya!

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