Tackling a 365 Blog Project!

I am starting a new blog routine that will hopefully get me posting everyday like I want to be.  I love blogging…you guys know that!  But, my posts are so overwhelming sometimes that once I post them, I feel like I need a vacation from the blog.  Plus, I need to get over the fact that my blog has to be a written novel each time I post.  It’s a sickness…

Anyway, I am starting a daily blog where I write my thoughts about whatever comes to mind that day.  It can be one sentence or one paragraph…it doesn’t matter.  It can include a photo…or not.  (Most likely it will though…this girl loves pics!)

Soooo without further ado…


10 of My Worst Pet Peeves

1. Lines…I “strongly dislike” waiting in them

2. People who don’t use common sense…..and yet think they are smart

3. When someone touches me with their feet….why does this even need to happen unless I am sleeping with you?

4. Grocery shopping…someone asked me the other day “How you can hate grocery shopping…do you not like to cook?”  WTF?  Yes I like to COOK, not wrestle a cart down an overcrowded aisle of indecisive shoppers.  Besides, people who love to cook would rather have someone that is shopping FOR them with their list of grocery items.

5. When people aren’t good listeners…this is a Top 3 for sure!

6. When cabinet doors are left open.

7. A bare white wall with nothing on it.

8. When I meet someone who doesn’t like 80’s music.

9. When people wear things that are entirely too tight for them…just because they make it in your size, doesn’t mean you can wear it!!

10. Negativity.

Just sayin…

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