Reiterating January

You know how I feel about bringing up old $hit!!  Oh well….

So let me start off by knocking this one over your head….

Only 10 more months til the infamous year 2012!

Ok, now I need a Xanax…

*****I know it’s March for crying out loud, but I have this post from January that I had already started to write…so I digress and post this anyway*****

January was  filled with great moments, weird moments, annoying moments, and sad moments. All of which I don’t really feel like going into too much detail about. However, I do want to catch everyone up on my trip back to the states. Everyone already knows how fabulous of a circle of friends George and I have from Okinawa. Steve and Sheila Elle being right up on top of that list. Ever since we lost our friend Sheila, we have grown into being more like a Family circle. Jordan, their son, has been “adopted” by this circle and I take pride in taking him under my wing in any way I can, whenever I can. This year he graduates high school and to sweeten the deal, he also achieved the rank of Eagle Scout through the Boy Scouts of America. If nobody knows what that means or how fan-frickin-tastic this accomplishment is…read this:

“Widely regarded as the pinnacle of achievement in Boy Scouting, the Eagle Court of Honor takes on an extra special meaning compared to our other regularly scheduled Court of Honors. The Boy Scouts of America estimates that only 5% of all Boy Scouts ever attain the level of Eagle Scout, with only 1.7 million Eagle Scouts cumulatively in our country since Boy Scouting began here in 1912. It is indeed an exclusive club and an achievement that signals to the community and the business world that an individual subscribes to the highest level of integrity and performance.”

Needless to say, it is HUGE! Steve decided it was so much so, that he wanted to make it special enough and fly me out to attend this milestone event. Along with Farrah and Julie (my biatches), we felt blessed and honored to be a part of something so outstanding. The kicker…we had to keep it a secret! You know I am a big mouth…and this was super HARD! I couldn’t talk about it on FB, I couldn’t tell too many people, well because birds of a feather….and I know they would have spilled it just like me, and I had to be sneaky once I arrived in Colorado Springs for 2 whole days until I got to see him…I am not good at being sneaky, let’s just say that. But I did my best, and the anticipation was completely worth it. He was shocked, I was crying, both were grinning!

The Court of Honor ceremony was awesome. Jordan was astounding during his speech, Steve was so proud of him…and the beauty in that was compelling. Words will never do justice as to how special that time was with them. Pictures are all you get 🙂 Enjoy…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Enter the valleys…

In other news, there has also been some sadness that has transpired this past month.

Beauty & the Beast ended for JD. Even though it was long hours and a true commitment, I was sad that it ended for my boy. He really shined these last 4 months while working on it and now I feel like it has been taken away from him. His next adventure is karate…finally. Hopefully that will tide him over until the next production in his life.  But I did enroll him and Teage in Karate so that has taken the busy over for him.

Also, making it’s way into suckyville…my Grandmommy is ill. She is my paternal grandmother and honestly the more prevalent of the two during my childhood. We lived with her for many years when I was small and spent many times throughout my school years.  I hope and pray that she keeps her strength up and fights through…she is a Crichfield after all.  Please keep her in your prayers…

Hopefully my next post will occur in the current month I actually write it.

Of course, thx for looking!!

Love ya…

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