Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

The Contest has officially closed and…We have a WINNER!!!

Thank you to the ones who shared all their traditions for my favorite green holiday.  Corned beef and cabbage is something I always intend to make, but never do…because if I am going to make it I wanna do it authentically.  And who has the time to brine a slab of meat for a week??  But, I am done making excuses and going full throttle with it this year.  I’m sure it will end up on my blog…

Anyway, back to the giveaway…



You are the winner of a basket of D-Land goodies (if you can’t move to Germany, I guess this would be the next best thing)…


DE Basket Giveaway!


I would normally say that the person who wins needs to private message me ( their address so I can send out your prize.  But I already know Tara’s!!  For all that commented and shared, thank you…and don’t feel discouraged.  The giveaway is something I am keeping as my new blog tradition.  So that means you need to keep checking back :o)

Now, where’s that wine glass of mine again….

Love ya…Di

2 thoughts on “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

  1. woohoo! I am glad you told me since I forgot to add your new address to my reader!
    I was very bummed someone jacked us for that Germany slot so I ma excited to win. Plus the shipping is a deal. (-: Gotta love MPS.
    Ok I will in turn have a Okinawa give away because it is a great idea!
    Thanks Diane!

  2. The box arrived. WOWZERS you did it up right! Thank you so much. My whole family is excited about that and then sad we aren’t coming to Germany!
    Thanks Girls Amazing.

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