Blogger…Exit Stage Left!

Out with the old and in with the new…

I have been gearing myself up to make the switch from Blogger to WordPress.  Ultimately, I intend to buy a domain with WordPress and get serious about my publishing through my very own actual website.  But for now, I am testing the waters and learning to crawl before I walk.  Navigating and customizing will take some time here…as I am so used to my blogspot.  However, I have all the confidence that this avenue will not only enhance my Fam Bam bloggie, but elevate me to the level that I want when it comes to my photography.  So sit back and enjoy seeing the growth of my new platform for Fab Bam braggin’ & bitchin’…LOL.

To help celebrate this big change, I am doing my very first blog GIVEAWAY!!   (After all, you guys deserve some love for being such faithful readers!)

Today I am giving away a gift basket of German goodies 🙂  Traditional items that reek of Deutschland dreaminess (to include snacks and household items)!

So, here what you have to do:

In light of the changing season ahead of us, I wanted to make a clear breakaway from the wintery holidays and accentuate the beginning of Spring!  March is right around the corner and everyone already knows how much I love the color GREEN!  Soooo….Post a comment that answers this question…

“What favorite tradition do you incorporate on St. Patty’s Day?”

The contest will run starting now until Friday, February 25th @ 6pm, local German time.  I have a random number generator that will choose a comment number for me and that person will be the WIENER!!

Can’t wait to hear what everyone has to share….

Love ya…

10 thoughts on “Blogger…Exit Stage Left!

  1. Well Shad and I will be wearing our Guiness t-shirts and Lennon will be wearing his “Daddy’s Little Leprechaun shirt:) My mom will be making sauerkraut and sausage and of course we will all be drinking green beer (minus Lennon, he can have green apple juice:))-.

  2. Our Irish roots run deep on Tony’s side of the family, so of course I will be making our traditional St. Patty’s Day dinner of Corned Beef and Cabbage (thank the Lord for crockpots). We all have something green to wear and of course my mom will have her Irish music going. So just a fun day all around.

  3. LOL, this is cute! We usually all make sure to be wearing some sort of green, but I love to wear my “Kiss Me I’m Irish” necklace!!! However, it hasn’t brought me much luck in the kissing department!! J/k

  4. St. Patty’s Day is a day that we just wear green! I dont know many people here however if I did I would celebrate with a green party!! and turn the the pool green as well!! one day I will…I wish for a great St. Patty’s Day one day soon!

  5. We as a family will probably be pinched all day long once again this year! We can’t ever remember to wear green! Poor Bethany finally bought herself a shirt with a shamrock that says “Pinch Me, And I’ll Punch You!” I bet she forgets to wear it though, because being pinched is our St. Patty’s Day tradition.

  6. Start the day with green eggs and ham (grandkiddios) and then of course corn beef and cabbage, also Thyme and I went and got a mani and pedi with green nail and toe polish. She embelished her toes. Thyme will also be participating in the St. Baldtrica(???) Day festivies and cutting her hair for cancer victims (her hair is now down her back almost to her butt.

  7. We don’t have a tradition really other than wearing green of course but I have to say one of our very favorite months is March! That’s when our little guy was born, two days shy of being a St. Patty’s day baby!

  8. I love the new blog! I need to get off my tush and get the blog updated before we roll into Texas.
    As for St. Particks day, we try and remember to wear green and that is pretty much it. So festive I know.

  9. We like to celebrate our wedding anniversary! Yes, we were married on St. Patty’s day – that way my hubby doesn’t have a reason for forgetting it. Unfortunately, the reception caterer couldn’t do green beer – but it was still the best St. Patrick’s day party I’d ever been to. This year we celebrate 4 years.

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