Christmas Fun!!!

The Holidays are a time where people feel a lot of emotions and those emotions stem from a lot of different reasons….there’s anything from joy, love, faith, warmth, remembrance, generosity, enlightenment, to …worry, anxiety, sorrow, anger, desperation, misery, and even crazed. I’ve never met a person who hasn’t experienced those feelings during the Holidays at some point. My Family alone has covered most of these in just one season, I think. The question is…when do we move past all that and simply ENJOY the Holiday?? Does it just continue in normal/abnormal cycles throughout generations? This post is dedicated to that of which we strive for…being happy during the Holidays. I have a lot to be thankful for…most of which is a direct result from be being old on it now and realizing that if I were to leave Earth tomorrow…all the petty stuff would be insignificant. To all my loved ones who know how dysfunctional their Families can be (Holidays or not)…can I get an AMEN??!! Here is my gift to all my readers…a little Christmas Fun!!

I hope this makes you smile…and paints the picture of what joy should look like!

Christmas Eve…and cookies


Reindeer Food time 

Christmas morning… 


While we were loading up for the in-laws’ house, a bird tried to move into our garage…what’s a Holiday without an Animal Kingdom takeover?


Gifts & Cheers!!


Even these two get it right during the Holidays :o)


You should always do a finishing dance move if you are wearing a tutu…


He melts my heart…


Lookout Project Runway…


Go G-Pa!

Cubano Mafia…ahem


Every mom needs to be organized…



WOOT! Momma’s got a brand new bag :o)

P.S. My kids ROCK…if this doesn’t make you fall out, you have issues!

Hope everyone had a most fabulous Holiday…and remember, keep smiling through the New Year!!

Love ya,

One thought on “Christmas Fun!!!

  1. Cute pics! See, if people don't open their presents one at a time, and ooh and ahh, we would never get all the great pics! I love the one with Camille. Super cute! I have 554 photos to go through. Gebus!!! Lawd help me!

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