Dear Santa…

So, I was reminded today that there are only 39 days until Christmas Day!! Santa, this is entirely too short of a time for me to finish my online shopping!! You KNOW I have limited resources locally, so here’s what I propose…As soon as you are done harassing the elves and reindeer into doing all your tasks, can you stop by my casa and light a fire under my hubby’s a$$ and remind him that he is just as capable in shopping for gifts, mailing out gifts, and wrapping up gifts!!

Either that or you can just send some of your unappreciated elves my way…just sayin’!!

Doing your job without the elves,

One thought on “Dear Santa…

  1. How's that White Elephant gift coming along? Just sayin' lol. I saw some hot $100 items at the Bx (ahem, THE EXCHANGE) today. Just to make the fire even more hot, there may be 39 days, but much fewer judging by the huge poster at the Post Office! Dude, I aim to get two big packages out this week and the rest out right when I get back from Turkey. Sigh. time is cruisin!

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