Top Ten


Top Ten things I have said/want to say to my son’s Child Development Center:


10. Why did that kid just lob a red marker at my head and nobody react?

9. Talk about throwing kids under the bus! If two kids get into an altercation, this Center has no discretion when it comes to disclosing the other child’s name who is involved.

8. Being that you have no discretion during an incident…does that mean you talk about all the kids to whomever you choose?

7. When a child needs to be involved in an activity or lesson in order to NOT feel bored….making him do tasks like filling up your water table or holding your sign-in board does not suffice as such.

6. I definitely do not need an attitude from the b!#ch at the front desk…just sayin’.

5. Courtesy calls are your way of trying to tell on my kid. Who is in control there??…STOP BEING A TATTLETALE!!

4. When you roll your eyes because the kids are already getting on your nerves at 8:30am…you showed me (and your students) yet again that they are working YOU and not the other way around.

3. Four different teachers in four months is UNFAIR to not only my child, but my whole parenting routine.

2. How come nobody saw my kid get punched in the face which caused his nose to bleed heavily and ultimately begin this regressing behavior in this now unsafe preschool setting?

1. Word of the day: Accountability…who has it and does it exist in your administration??

Having Teage in the CDC here has been a roller coaster of peaks and valleys!! No child is perfect, but things have been really hard for us as he has transitioned multiple times in such a short time there….all of which the snobby women who run that joint don’t have any regard for. Time to dust off my big girl panties and take this shiz on…again!

Thanks for listening,

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