Play Nice

Here it is Sunday and I have been literally downloading my weekend all day! Mentally, physically, emotionally…busy days entitle us to some download time. It keeps the sanity. So today as I was washing up some dishes, I began to reflect upon certain instances that occurred this weekend. In particular, some chick on the scene yesterday at my SIL’s party seemed to have had a bad day and thought she was in the capacity to ridicule me, berate me and act like she was even on my radar. I could go on and on about the details and some “she said” BS, but ultimately all have to say is that she is simply NOT NICE!

When someone is genuinely a nice person…which I actively maintain as a personal characteristic of mine…these are some things I consider being part of that quality. A checklist if you will…

1. Be cordial to even the nastiest people…maybe they are having a bad day/moment.

2. Treat people with respect…there is always a line that somebody is thisclose to crossing, but until then be respectful.

3. Offer your help to someone who might need it…that does not mean lose sight of your goals in the process. We can’t save everybody, right?

4. Be accountable and follow through when you do offer to do something.

5. Find the good in people.

6. Don’t let people take advantage of you…in that, being nice does not translate into “doormat”.

7. Be real…part of being nice is being quite honest to the people we come into contact with.

8. Be complimentary…without being a kiss a$$.

9. Even though I know someone is fake, smile at them anyway…because they are in need of some serious security and warmth. And a smile oozes warmth!

10. Lastly, be nice to yourself…we all need to pat ourselves on the back, too.

This is obviously the way I believe…not to be confused with what is necessarily “right”. But, I make pretty good sense sometimes.

Just sayin’…

One thought on “Play Nice

  1. Yeah, it was a lot. It was good you blogged about all that. I'm still trying to wrap my head around it all…STILL. I'm still trying to get past some of the stuff that was said to me as well. Well, moving on I guess. It's just important to weed out and only surround ourselves with positive beings. xo

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