Missing my Monday Mortal

The days have all seemed to run together lately…for years actually. I love my blog, because even when times get hectic…the blog is always there to open up and give me space to think, write, share, overshare, show-off, and ramble. I wonder if the blog cares that I have missed several Mortal Mondays…or traded my mad writing skills for term papers. To honor my lil bloggie, I want to give a Mortal Monday shout-out. Bringing it back to familiarity for my Fam Bam Fans!

This week’s Mortal Monday is dedicated to my JD!! Most of the people know the recent news concerning JD. He has been chosen to be a part of the Kaiserslautern Community Theater production of Beauty and the Beast (he plays a handful of smaller parts, but will be showcased more for his singing). Not only is that thrilling enough…he is also doing double duty in the school’s production of Scared Silly. He plays Mr. Monroe (the father) in the Bunnicula Series. We are so proud of him…

For many years we have plugged JD into several different ventures, basketball, baseball, art classes, piano lessons, culture activities…the list goes on. He is not the type to reach out for a hobby. He is very content with some solo time on the computer or in his room with his legos. I love that imaginative, creative aspect about him, too…don’t get me wrong. But the fascinating thing about my son is that he will put every bit of himself in everything he does or tries to do. That, alone, thrills me as his mom. Never mind all the issues he has overcome, all the obstacles he has been given…that boy is a gift to not only this Family, but the world. This is why I am so excited for others to have a chance to see a glimpse of what we see at home all the days. I am over the moon that JD can bring the joy to people that he gives everyone he comes into contact with…or shall I say, that he lets in. Super proud mommy for him…for once again proving that he is limitless.

I uploaded the singing portion and emailed to several of you…but here is the link in case you missed it (it makes me cry like a sappy girl every time)

JD Singing


and I added the dance audition for you here. He is in the front of the group (they are facing away from us…so I send a disclaimer for the abundance of tooshie). It was a very quick lesson…they wanted to see if they could just move on their feet pretty much. Enjoy it…I can’t wait until I can actually upload his full dress performance. Look for updates throughout.



Thanks for looking…LOVE YA,

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