Adorable Autumn

The season is definitely here in our little German countryside.

Saturday we, along with the Jefferson’s, ventured out to yet another fest…the Farm Festival in Hitscherhof. The fest season is upon us here in Germany and is one of the main reasons why I love living here and so eagerly invested in finding ways to come back. There is nothing better than sipping on something warm, walking the streets of a village or downtown strasse, and enjoying the simpler things in life…food, blumen (aka flowers), street vendors, and landscapes. Most of the fests here have carnival rides and the occasional dart game all backed by a live band and makeshift biergartens throughout. Those are superb in their own right…however, this fest was different. It was a farm fest…their focus was on handmade items, home-cooked foods & wines, and good old country homage. There was a cornfield labyrinth (JD was M.I.A. in that thing for about 30 minutes), a hay pit (Saige became the hay throwing diva), and pumpkins galore (Teagie was all over those, literally…he would not stop climbing on them). It was a welcome change to the fests we had already been to here. The only downfall, the pumpkin soup felt like it was manufactured instead of being made with love (as we know all soups can only succeed if they are made with love) and the fact that we were racially profiled in the park platz area. LOL. Seriously, why is it I cannot park in the closer parking lot that has 50 empty spots? Why do I have to drive another kilometer uphill and park in no man’s land? Hmmmm….just sayin’!!

Anyway, the fest was a good time and I’m super glad the kids enjoyed themselves (even if it was a “mommy fest” as they called it). Check out the fabulous photo ops I stumbled upon:


Thanks for looking…and Happy Autumn!!

2 thoughts on “Adorable Autumn

  1. Fabulous pics, girlie! I have yet to find a pumpkin patch here in England (it's not a big thing over here….), so these pictures really make me miss seeing loads of pumpkins! Keep on sharing your great photos!

  2. The pics are fantastic! I love that one of Saige jumping. Great movement. On another note, I have the saying "It's Fall Ya'll – The Isla Family" on a doormat! I have yet to put it out! I need to! It's wicked cute. It's still packed away with the rest of my stuff. Sigh. As usual, great pics.

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