Patriot’s Blog

The blog…it has been lurking around my conscience for quite some time and the time is soon coming when the Summer adventure posts will finally start to present themselves, in fact…this is my motivator post.

I find it only fitting to get my blogging juices flowing by starting with this subject…



Today we are having a yard sale (I am probably gonna get barked at in a few minutes, since I left Geo outside with all my shiz unpriced LOL). It was pretty much a last minute decision and so yesterday I frantically whipped out some poster board and spouted off some light instruction to Saige about what info I needed on those suckas. As I scribbled up my sample, I wrote “Yard Sale, 8-2pm, 2748 C Saturday, 9/11″…..and then I stopped. I mean everyone in the entire world, let alone our nation, knows what day is looming well before it gets here. But there I was writing the 9/11 like I had seen all over the news 9 years ago and every year after. It was gut wrenching and like a shell-shocked flashback, made me want to go stab a terrorist. After the initial raw emotion subsided, I just felt sad. Sad for our country, sad for those wives, husbands, friends, Family members, unborn children who would never meet their parent, sad for what it has done to our sense of security, sad for all those servicemen and women who are still fighting the fight because of it, sad for all the true/good Muslims that are now racially profiled because of where they come from, sad for the angry Americans that want to execute a man just because he looks like Bin Laden…JUST SAD!

As a patriot, I am constantly trying to pass on the message that we should all stand up for our great country…even when the angry ones feel fed up. There is no such thing as a perfect nation…but we are one that tries to do it right for all. Words like Imperialism, Complacency, and Corporate America are just a taste of what people spew negatively in regard to the US. It makes me sad that one would assume that being a patriot means you are Complacent, that assisting other countries ventures into Imperialism, that the government only feeds into Corporate America. These are things I have heard and seen…again, SAD. While no country is perfect, I hardly see how someone can justify turning their back on the one country that would go to the ends of the earth to fight for our freedom.

To all the victims, and survivors, and firefighters, and police officers and medical personnel, and selfless people who were there at the WTC, the Pentagon, Flights 93, 11, 77,& 175 that day we now call simply 9/11, I pray for you. You are a part of history that will forever be remembered. Nothing will change that. I just hope those people know just how brave they are…and that will NEVER be forgotten.



So, I say it loud…I am PROUD to be an American!! I am PROUD to be a Military Wife! I am PROUD I get to help my fellow patriots! I am PROUD I get to live a life that allows me to write this all in my blog when I want and how I want! Now take a moment out of your busy day (Lord knows we are all stretched thin these days) and pray for those affected…all of us. Then, take the time to channel your own inner patriotism….


Thanks for looking,

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