Popo’s Adieu

Obviously, I haven’t blogged since my mom has been here. We have been jam packed, fun-filled, and worn out since she arrived. I have several blog posts…one from each adventure and a “laugh out loud” funny story to back it up. But for now, I just want to say that I officially MISS MY MA! We had a great time and I think we may have shown her some things she never expected to see in her lifetime…and that makes me feel good inside. I am so thankful she was able to come out and that she could be here to spend the quality time with my Family that I so desired.






Thank You Popo, for just being here!! We miss you so much already (Teage has asked for you every morning since you have left). I miss having an instant road buddy and shopping partner. I miss how you had nothing but good things to say me on a daily basis. I miss making fun of your snorts. I miss you slapping me on the arm when I did…hee hee. I miss the over-indulgent air mattress in the middle of my office floor. I miss you shucking the corn. I miss your random kisses and hugs to me and my kids for no reason…and so on.



We had some good times and definitely some memories I will never forget….(pink blow-up hair)!!


2 thoughts on “Popo’s Adieu

  1. Hey chica! Thanks so much for sharing your special times with us. We're hoping my family will visit next spring and I'll have some updated pictures to post on Facebook. You and the family look wonderful! Sending loads of love your way…..XOXOXOXO…..

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