I’m Published…Well, Kinda!

I was sitting on my computer finishing up my softball blog post…when George walked in and said…”You got a package from Blurb!”

I sprung form my chair and quickly ran to the kitchen yielding a razor sharp…key, and tore open the box. My first ever written…book. Ok, so it’s not a novel, or a self-help book, or a even a cookbook….but it is my writing.


Behold, my first Book of Blog!!

I finally started my annual blog book collection and seeing the finished product almost brought me to tears. I started blogging on a friend’s suggestion. I’ve never considered myself a writer…after all, I was never a fan of the subject English in school nor any of its counterparts. But, I do have a wit about me and have a pretty sharp tongue. I love to say what I think and tell a story…or ten :o) So as soon as I started to blog, I knew it was going to be something I would do forever.

I think these yearbooks will be a great way for my family to stay connected to the people we love not only now, but for many years to come…even centuries. I want my great, great, grandchildren to be able to connect no matter what year it is. Call it a paper built time capsule, if you will. I am already working on 2009….and will continue to do so as the years go on.

So if ever you make your way to visit our home or that of my kids or their kids, feel free to peruse the blog book…there’s some funny shit in there :o)

As always…thanks for looking!!

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