Fam Bam 4th Festivities

I say 4th, but it was really a celebration on the 3rd for us. Our first 4th of July in Germany can be summed up in two words….heated and LONG! We started out with sprucing things up around the house for the BBQ, took a few 4th Family photos,

then we headed out to the Freedom Fest (which is only a couple blocks from my house…SCORE on that). Saige and her softball team were in charge of working the Dunk Tank for a Little League Fundraiser. It was frickin’ HOT!! Hot not only for Germany’s standards, but it was flirting with Okinawa/FL hot! But seriously, I think when people sweat like this they ARE actually melting!

The Dunk Tank was fun and I even tried to pay somebody to get me in that thing …but only the coaches were getting dunked.

testing out the ammunition

Coach Kent in the tank…

Surrounding the area was the children’s section…bounce houses, duck pond games, face painting, over-sized sumo wrestling, and an inflatable boxing ring. There was even the occasional superhero roaming around. The boys went to town…

Shrek looks like Zombie Shrek…but Teage didn’t seem to mind.

Punch-Out Time!


After we left the fest, we went back home and I started grilling (again, how hard is it for a certain cubexican to grill up some burgers and chicken? …all the days perpetrating). Rhea and the kids were in tow along with a friend of hers, my new friend, Brooke and her hubby came and then some other people I didn’t really know too well. Needless to say, it is challenging to keep everyone in sync and happy when there are blind dates (guests) in the mix…especially when kids are involved. But, I was on a mission to have a good time, and I did.

Singstar is always doing everybody right…they were totally singing Britney Spears’ “Toxic”

After the YUMMY eats and pool time (both water and table), we ventured back to the fest to check out the kid’s rides and watch the fireworks. It turned into a gorgeous night and finally things started to cool down.

Next week we are headed to Italy for Saige’s Regional tournament (they play Italy and Poland) and if they win, they represent Europe and move to the World Series in August held in Kirkland, Washington. They are a really great team and have the potential to go super far…can’t wait to see my girlie kick some Italian and Polish booty!

Until next time….HAPPY 4TH PEEPS!!!

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