Taunus for US!

My life is a cesspool of kid activities these days. Softball field clay has become part of my plasma, sweat is my new salt substitute, and organizing fun times for the kids has taken over my calendar. I love summer and all the happenings that go with it…but DANG…it is really tasking this year. The softball has played a huge part on that change. Having both Saige and George playing on multiple teams this year has been quite the challenge. But as good mommies do, I try to shake things up a bit and throw in the random, mindless, theme park thrill.

This week we headed to Taunus Wunderland in Weisbaden. I had to go there to order some savings bonds that George won in a golf tournament last month and so I decided to make a day trip out of it. Rhea joined the kids and I as we ventured off, express-like. We only had like 2 hours there since softball practice was at 2pm, but we zipped through and even had time to stop and savor a crepe. The park reminds me exactly of Holiday Park ,very Mom and Pop. I could tell the running theme was the Brothers Grimm, but I was thinking more Ghetto Grimm, at best. However, they did have a nice Wasser ride (aka Splash Mountain ride), a slide Teage couldn’t get enough of and a decent Pirate Ship. Pirate Ship rides have taken over the world, I tell ya.

I would have liked to have had George there and spend the full day. They have a zillion little tucked away playgrounds for all ages. I was imagining a picnic and a Grapefruit German Hefeweizen in my future (they sold them there…I must find those…they are re-fresh-ing)!! Anyway, the kids had fun and there were tons of photo ops. Rhea and I even got to ride on some of the rides for a change…check out our time-constrained, fun-filled day.























Thanks for looking…LOVE YA!

2 thoughts on “Taunus for US!

  1. Great pics! I am on a MAD hunt for that grapefruit hefeweizen. A real hunt. The hay did everyone right! Good call. 🙂 It's nice to see pics of you on the blog too! 🙂

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