Being Professional…

…is not,

flailing your arms to get a chance to speak.

yelling, “I see your hand and we know you’re next, but you need to wait”.

trying to be louder instead of talking one at a time, as the group norm states.

giving your complete personal background, so that you beat the dead horse more than it already has been.

answering questions FOR the subject matter expert…assuming you know more than he does.


doing your make-up at the round-table…just sayin’!

This week’s conference is TASKING, to say the least. To be fair…while the room and the power hungry, rude people in it are sometimes unprofessional, I guess opening this blog up and a sudden blast of Poison’s “I Won’t Forget You” filling the room wasn’t too savvy either :o) In my defense, it did cause them to simmer down and jam out for 1/2 a second. How’s that for professionalism? 2 more days……

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