Teage the Gymnast

This past Friday, Teage had his Gymnastics Exhibition and WOW, what a showstopper!!

While I nervously sat amongst the other gymnast parents (nervous because I know how “curious” my son can be and in a room full of toddler girls…just sayin’), I noticed that my son really likes to put on a show. Like a full on “These people must all be here for me” show.

The famous ‘Stick It and Stretch’ pose…

At one point in the show he decided he wanted to strip down and wear the patterned leotard shorts given to him that he refused to showcase earlier that morning. Imagine glitter, velvety, and almost bikini like….CRUEL. (Don’t you just love the shirt though?)

That didn’t last very long (again all of this occurred during the exhibition…SHOW.STOPPER, I tell ya)

After floor, his class moved on to the bars…where monkeys like him are experts.

Next up Balance Beam…


Marching to every apparatus, they have to have their hands on their hips…I giggle every time I see him do hand to hip…he’s such a lil guy.

After they were done, he decided to relax and gather up the honeys.

So proud…{tear}.

His first of many trophies to come…GO TEAGIE, GO TEAGIE!!

He really enjoyed going each week and this summer he will move up a class level…Woot Woot.

P.S. My wide angle lens is totally doing me right :o)

P.S.S. Beware of static cling on trampolines :o)

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