Mother’s Day

So… We spent the day pretty low-key and my fam made it fabulous for me. I woke up to a collage of me and the three kids with a homemade card that read like butter. After that, we headed to brunch with Rhea and all the kids…and had a nice meal. We had hoped to take the kids to the park, but to our disappointment the rain took over. So, George decided to snatch up my grocery list and drop me off at home while he and the kids battled the C word (it’s called the C word because nobody likes to go to the Commissary…so we mask its name). After that, he ventured off the BX with the kids while I watched Marley & Me (why I decided to watch a tear-jerker alone is beyond me…actually, I got stuck as I flipped through the AFN channels). The kids walked in and what a surprise! Teage had a shirt I had been eying hanging around his neck, Saige had a cute, brown summer purse in her hands and JD entered the threshold with a box of Russel Stover’s (mmmm). As if that weren’t enough…my honey got me a gift that far surpassed any previous gifts in the past. A new wide angle lens for my Canon….CHYA!! He really knows the way to my heart :o) I have the best Family.EVER!

As you can imagine, Mother’s Day for us this year was quite different than year’s past. I was thinking about how George would feel on this day and hoped I could make it as “normal” as possible for him. I had decided early on that I would send Maria some flowers for Mother’s Day and I didn’t tell him til the day before…with the hopes to not make him think too much about it. They arrived and we asked G-Pa to swing by and take a picture of her with the flowers. They were beautiful and they kind of encompassed the niche. But I know she would have loved them.

We also sat down to dinner (thanks to my awesome Saigie…she makes the best pasta) and went around the table as everyone said a few words to express their Happy Mother’s Day to Grandma and Popo. Their words meant a lot to George, I could tell…we are starting a tradition where we will get Maria a card each Mother’s Day and have the kids write what they want to say to her. I think it will be a great memory to look back on in years to come. In the meantime…we will continue to keep her in our hearts and remember her always!!

Día Siempre una madre para todos nosotros … Feliz de la Madre!

One thought on “Mother’s Day

  1. That was a very nice thing to do for Maria. Very touching indeed. I am ashamed to say I didn't do anything. I guess my mind has been too scatterbrained and things just are not as they should be. However, you definitely have it all pulled together. I am sure she is shining down with a huge smile for the effort. I did think about how a lot yesterday, as I'm sure we all did. Sniff. Yay for the wide angle action. Great shots will abound with that lens.

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