Soapy Saturday

The days have been long lately and I just have a few things I wouldn’t mind slipping by you on my soapbox…it’s therapy for me.

Don’t eat Turkish tacos and then pound 8 beers…somehow it doesn’t work out.

Be a good listener, not just a talker…it’s one of the best traits a person can possess. I love to listen…but, I certainly don’t have time to repeat myself or school you on manners.

2 year olds in gymnastics have far different methods than 3 year olds in gymnastics.

Taking a photography class online is like reading the Pioneer Woman’s website (photog section)…I wonder if she could start passing out grades in the Home and Garden dept.

Don’t terrorists know by now that trying to blow up the American people has long passed. We aren’t taking your shit anymore…and P.S. New York again, really? Fugheddaboutit…somebody take care of that a$$hole already!

Teenage boys can be needy and co-dependent…and come out a stud.

Teenage girls can be independent…and get a bad rep, instantly.

There’s more to life than labels and keeping up with the Jones’.

If I could have a raspberry cobbler IV drip, I would.

If anyone wants to visit Legoland, JD charges either 5 cents or a Pokemon card to check out his bedroom.

Liars need to check themselves at my door…all the days.

Nothing says I love you like, “You might get cut”.

Chicken wire and cats have an established bond that goes way back.

Wall decals and crack….sisters!

Staples in your head are not easily detached when you are given a “suture removal” kit by a Doc.

Wubzy has a hypnotic way about him that entrances toddlers…I think it’s the pipeline effect in his shows.

Brett Michaels needs to marry his baby momma already. The days of passing women and tequila shots around need to come to an end.

I think it’s funny when people say I have an attitude. DUH!! Sorry I don’t have a dry, sneaky way about me. I say it proud…I HAVE AN ATTITUDE….both good and bad, you decide which one you wanna see today :o)

I find cotton plants to be beautiful.

Lastly, my littlest informed me the other day when he was investigating the inside of my nose that I had spiderwebs in there and to be careful. I guess it could have been worse…spiderwebs with ‘food’ in them sounds much more insulting :o)

Here’s to another Fall day in Spring…Bavarian style.

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