Spring Break Part 2 (Catching Up)

I know, I am a slacker. I have been extremely overwhelmed and busy the past couple weeks and so my little bloggy blog has suffered. One more day and I would have been interrogated on the terms of neglect. So here I am finally adding one of the many posts I have jumbled in my head for my faithful readers (p.s. i love you guys).

So the last few days of Spring Break were spent trying to fast forward the days. I mean I love my kids, but momma needs a vacation, that’s all I’m saying. Moms like me, who stay at home and whose sole job consists of being a balanced partner, raising children, actively participating in that parenting role (because just “being” a parent is not where the work is), and maintaining all its scheduling and spontaneity deserves paid leave on a biannual basis…for reals! Lately, I have felt like packing a bag and heading to a bed and breakfast somewhere in Amsterdam. But, enough about my woes…when I have to really vent, you’ll know!

Thursday of the “Break” the kids and I headed to the zoo and the German Mall. I am officially courting the mall like it’s my new boyfriend. The shiny floors, the stair-less escalators, the Present Store, H&M, the jumping water fountain….it’s enough to make you wanna be thankful for Icelandic ash and the fact that we were trapped here.

Back to the zoo. The kids had a blast.

I think we stared at the baboons for about 30 min even though the smell was worse than George’s socks post an all night softball tourney. They were fascinating. The booty picking, the baby carrying, the multiple humping incidents, the brawls between siblings, the old ass elder who just pushed everyone out of his stoney circle…the list goes on. Saige had to drag me and the boys away.

(you have no idea what was going on there…naughty business)

The only thing that was weird was that they had wild animals roaming around while we were walking. Like the deer…or pigs…or ponies…or weird looking birds (I am not a fan of random birds, they are way too unpredictable for me…and their beaks are straight-up weapons…I can’t). Teage and JD had fun racing to cage after cage all day,

while Saige and her friend acted like they were on a photo shoot for a magazine that could be titled “Girl Meets Dirty Farm Animals”…wait, that just sounds all wrong. Maybe “National Saige-o-graphic”. That’s better. But seriously, how many pictures of the side of your face can one person take?? I have enough uploaded on my computer to make one of those mosaic portraits Ive always wanted (hmmmm……note to self).

After the zoo, we went to the mall. The one place I was trying to zone in on was the TK Maxx. Let me break it down….T -(abcdefghij) K -Maxx.

HA….you Americans can apparently only handle up to J. You gotta roll to Europe to gain that extra letter…it’s a privilege, I know it. Seriously, what gives on the weird name change, TJ Maxx? Do the Ks outrank the Js in the German alpha? All I know is it looked just like a TJ Maxx inside (the wannabe label-whore loving clothes section, the random chaotic toy area, mismatched home decor, and useless electronics)…so what comes first?…the J or the K? I must inquire about this later in the future. I am losing sleep over it.

To wrap up the weekend, we went to Gartenshau Park for their 10th Anniversary celebration to see the tulips and the dino statues.

We encountered some German ladies dressed up in modern ball gowns and others in old century wear. I had no idea why this was occurring, but it was fun to watch them prance around with their digital cameras and beer steins :o)

The park is a boy’s slice of heaven…mini-golf, dinosaur creatures, creeks, waterfall, playgrounds, and a labyrinth. Saige was unamused, until we hit the bratwurst stand. She was a trooper though and really made the most out of it with her brothers.

Gotta love a well manicured park.

Once Spring Break finally came to a close I found myself thinking, I didn’t want them to go back to school. We had a blast…as always!!

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