Spring Break…Part 1 (Holiday Park)

The week has seriously dragged on. Spring Break that is…

I don’t know if it was because George didn’t take leave (hmmmm, how’d he finagle that anyhow?)

Or maybe that our Disney trip thwarted high expectations for us meaning anything after paled in comparison?

Ooooh, maybe it was that fact that every night I didn’t go to bed until at least 2am catching up those “snarky” housewives of NY?

Long winded or not, I am a Spring Break planning junkie and I love planning activities to keep these chil’ren of mine busy. Otherwise, they would be happy with just sitting around…bothering me.

So we used one of the days this week to head to Holiday Park and meet up with my geographical counterpart…Farrah and her lil chil’ren, Lennon :o)

Holiday Park was completely desolate. Which I liked. We practically had the whole park to ourselves….which also meant I didn’t really have to have my Teage goggles on as I do in any normal crowd. Plus, it made for some quality girl talk in between rides.

Holiday Park can only be described as a broke man’s Disneyworld. It’s very mom and pop….which again, I like. The mascot was Holly the parrot along with his sidekick Dolly the …”Squirrel”. (I am using the Dug voice from UP when I say squirrel, I don’t think I will ever be able to say the word normal again)

There were several rides, some intense…like the Lighthouse Tower that no one dared step up to, except JD. He wanted to go on (he had never done the one at Disney and rightfully so)…who wants to drop from the sky like that surrounded by a casing of steel, really? He went up alone…well, he sat with three other girls and I’m sure flashed them his million dollar smile :o) As soon as he went in, I started to panic. I thought this could go really good, or this could end in disaster. He doesn’t do anxiety well, so until he came off, I could only picture him making it all the way to the top and then saying “Nevermind, I wanna get down”.

JD is on the far left

But he didn’t…he just screamed his head off as they dropped (all…the…way…down). What a trooper. He walked towards me at the exit screaming…”I SURVIVED!!”

Teage decided early on that he would be Lennon’s personal caregiver. He was really sweet with him…it almost made me want another…PSYCHE, I’m crazy but not insane. However, he really took to Lennon…and it was adorable.

(I didn’t mention it then, but I LOVE the cherry blossom diaper bag, don’t you?)

I could tell Saige was starting to wonder when we were leaving this joint…so I threw her in some photo ops (which always grabs her attention).

She did have fun on a few rides with JD…

OK, so this next part of the story is something I was debating putting out there…but, I gotta keep it real.

Almost as soon as we arrived to the park…I was clicking away on my camera when suddenly I heard my son utter these words…

“Mom look, it’s an angry dwarf (insert tween chuckle)”

I snapped my head over to him so fast…I knew I had given myself whiplash. Then, I spot-checked the surroundings and saw a little person whizzing away on a razor scooter. You know…a little person. Farrah and I cut our eyes to one another and I almost fell out. WTH? So I calmly called JD over and asked “Why did you say that?”, he replied, “WHAT?” My parenting skills instantly became put on front street. It went something like this…

“You know he’s not angry right?”

“I’m sorry”

“And do you know he is not to be called a dwarf, he is a little person?”

“Sorry MOM, but he’s just like from Bedtime Stories”


“Would you yell out, WOW that guy has brown skin?”

“Well, No”

“So you shouldn’t say things about how a person looks…it’s mean. AND, it might hurt someone’s feelings. I don’t think you would like it if someone said something about how you looked, would you?”

“No, I said I’m sorry”

“Oh and again…Bedtime Stories is a MOVIE…not real life”

“I know Mom”

Now, I must say to you that Mr. Scooter worked at the park. He was most likely a guide or assistant to the mascots, because he followed them throughout the park all day. Later on, we ran into him again and my son walked right up to him and said “Hi”, with a warm smile ear to ear, ended with a glance my way for approval. Good start I guess. Mr Scooter ended up being in the parade later and he totally posed for my camera…there is nothing angry about this guy…just sayin’.

What a fun day…and I enjoyed spending it with Farrah and Lennon, too. Here are some other pics.

Next up, the Zoo and Gartenshau Park…stay tuned.

Thanks for looking,

One thought on “Spring Break…Part 1 (Holiday Park)

  1. Yay!! Thank you and the kiddos for a great day, I'm so glad we had the park to ourselves! Teage could run free and Lennon could scream all he wanted with no shame! Love ya!

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