Around the World..Disney

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We successfully managed to visit the last stop on our Worldwide Disney adventure this past weekend (ok so we haven’t been to Hong Kong Disney yet, but I’m gonna guess the one in Tokyo is just as comparable). Disneyland Paris was fabulous. We did, however, take the Express tour…so that means we will be back with an extended visit later. This time it was a one day, one park, feet wet kinda deal.

They have two parks, Disneyland (aka Magic Kingdom) and Walt Disney Studios (aka DisneyMGM). They also have Disney Village (like Downtown Disney). We chose the classic of the two and pushed forward. Of course everything was written and spoken in French (Thyme would have enjoyed that), but since we were in Europe…it was also subtitled in English for all those Londoners :o) BONUS! So that was a nice change. I think I said Danke (thanks in German) like 15 times to the French and they would stare me down and reply Merci…MY BAD. Anyway, some of the staple rides were there…Space Mountain 2, Thunder Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, Peter Pan, Dumbo, Le Carousel, Buzz Lightyear, It’s a Small World, etc. There were some odd interpretations here and there though…

Haunted Mansion was referred to as Phantom Manor

and Cinderella’s Castle was replaced with Sleeping Beauty’s Castle.

But what I was really excited about was the Mad Hatter Teacup ride. The excitement quickly turned into despair…Mad Hatter was on hiatus. That effer didn’t even leave a note. So there I was, reminiscing my days as a young child growing up in Disney”World” territory, never once spinning myself in a cup o’blivion. My chance was once again thwarted by that schizo Hatter…one day I’ll make it down that rabbit hole.

The new additions…they had the Indiana Jones Temple of Peril roller coaster. JD thought he should be able to climb the temple…we almost let him, but the line was moving too fast. He settled for an Indy hat that his big sis bought him instead…he rocks it pretty well.

Teage had a BLAST to say the least. I caught many moments of him just staring in awe at the Happiest Place on Earth.

We spotted a few characters as well…even though Teage wanted NOTHING to do with Capt Hook. “I don’t like him…he’s too mad”, he said.

Oh, and Ratatouille is HUGE there…being French and all. They have rat hats, statues, shirts…all about it.

The weather was perfect, the park was hoppin’, and the food was great. What a great beginning to our jam packed Spring Break. Check out the rest of our pics…

P.S. You simply cannot leave France without a croissant or some creme brulee…so I had both, and I wanted to slap my mama…it was SO GOOD!

P.S.S. I’m gonna say it, the French ARE rude. They lived up to the hype on several occasions. One in particular in trying to push my Teagie out of the way to let their kid jump ahead on the slide line….I think I saw Saige’s head spin and she almost took some lady out :o) (What they didn’t realize was that the Isla’s don’t back down!)

P.S.S.S. Nothing says Europe like being able to buy Pez AND a lighter at the same Disney stand LOL

Bon Voyage and Merci,

2 thoughts on “Around the World..Disney

  1. Great pics and it looks like you all had fun!! I wonder if I can drag my George to Paris Disney! Poor Teagie looked like he thought those dress up characters were suspect. hehe

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