Easter Joy

Being able to spend a Holiday in our home was the real joy about this Easter. While the timing itself was a little cramped up and I had several tings going on at the same time, it was fabulous to spend the day as a Family. I even christened Saige with her first Pretty in Pink viewing…joy.

Thankfully the Easter Bunny realized we had moved and dropped off some baskets for the kids. He even manged to recruit George into scoping out some good hiding spots in our backyard for candy-filled eggs. The best was that apparently the Easter Bunny is part German because he managed to squeeze tons of Haribo and Kinder eggs into their baskets. YUM!

Happy Happy Joy Joy was experienced by all Fam Bam members :o)

All the days trying to be in charge…

…but what can I say, he listens to her :o)

Happy Easter All!!

After we concluded our morning events, Geo and the boys headed outside to sort through some outdoor boxes…and they found the best present of all. The trampoline is BAAAACK! I didn’t even realize we had one still. It came via our Georgia shipment and talk about excitement. Teage hopped up on there like nobody’s business. Of course Daddy & Saige wanted in on the action, too.

In the meantime, I finalized my Humanities project and sent that off which ended this term. I have never been so happy to finish a class. I think with everything that was happening while I was in school, I lost sight of being motivated early on with these two. Oh well…it’s over and I did well, so that’s what matters. Plus, my next term (which starts today) I am only taking one class and it is Photography…so that should be actually a fun class (my syllabus has me only taking photos and submitting them as assignments all term, I am ALL over that).

Next weekend we hit Euro Disney Paris and I cannot wait. I love all things Disney (who doesn’t) and I feel like this will be the first of many trips there (it’s like we live in FL again with it being so close by…only a 4 hour drive). It makes me smile just thinking about it. I can tell there will be a major post in my future…

In other news, last week I started writing for another blog (www.DebtHelper.com). Some friends of mine are contributors and employees and asked if I would write about being a Military Family and the ways we save money and such. While I am NO financial guru, I do have some thrift sense and have definitely stretched a dollar before. I am just glad that I am able to share my blogging with different people…how exciting. I will probably make it a weekly thing…so if you are ever in the neighborhood…check it out.

In Sports, Saige played her first softball games this past weekend as a Varsity Lady Raider. She did really good. Geo is so proud of her…it’s obvious how excited he is to see her follow in his footsteps. And she is thrilled to have her dad come see her and they share that in common. She even asked the coach on new uniform day if she could have 6…her dad’s number all the days. So now they are both 6’s. How cute!! There’s already a net and batting tee set up in the backyard for some quality father/daughter bonding time :o)

She has the cutest running stance…and she’s the only one who does it, so it looks really unique

Playing second base

Where’s Waldo??….err, Saige!!

The Lady Raiders did us proud…they came out victorious in all four games this weekend. They played the two high schools from England in double headers. 4-0 so far…

I hope everyone had just as fab a weekend as we did. 2010 is shaping up to be a spectacular year…thank goodness :o)

Talk soon and as always, thanks for looking!!

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