New House

The official move (the last of several in this country) has finally occurred. We are now residents of Vogelweh/Kapaun. The townhouses are nice…and new. The best on base housing we have ever lived in and did I mention new?? So no decrepit pipes, 13 sheets of wallpaper, or creaky floors :o) Of course it is smaller…as they always are, but we will manage as soon as we downsize the 18,000 lbs of stuff we had delivered here (WTF?). Seriously, we need to have a yard sale.

I took some pics.

The kitchen…
The living room…

Leading to the 2nd level…

Who doesn’t want a closet door like this?…

and…his & hers sinks?

There is some serious family fun and porch time to be had here…

First attic (will hold a craft area for me)…

Second attic, a place for Saige and her friends to hang out…

Isla Casa in Deutschland…

What you didn;t see was the laundry room, the kids’ bedrooms, the office or the garage (or what George likes to call “man land”). Those will come later once set up…

We already have the office/guest room done and the kitchen is complete. The livnig room is almost there, too. Sooo, we will be up for visitors in NO TIME. Book it :o) Popo will be here this summer (so excited). So jump on the bandwagon.

Next up I got a post featuring our Netherlands trip!!! {minus a coffee shop visit :o( …this time!}

P.S. Breaking news…. Saige made the VARSITY softball team. 9th grade and on Varsity…we are so proud of her!!!

Until next time,

One thought on “New House

  1. I love it! I'm just catching up with everything, but this house is totally kick but and I love the wood floors. I LOVE mirrored closet doors. The last one I had was in an apt I lived in 10 years ago and it was the best! It made the room seem so much better. Love the kitchen as well. You guys totally scored on this one. And, the 18,000 lbs of stuff. Time to let some shizz go….Just sayin.

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