Monday Mortals

We had the pleasure of catching up with an Oki friend recently. She happened to be JD’s 3rd grade teacher when we moved to the rock, and soon became a friend of the family’s. Ms SeeTai (her for real person name is Tara), and her son came to Wiesbaden from Italy for the European HS Wrestling Championships. Tai did good for his first year considering I would have pulled my kid out of there screaming “Don’t hurt my BABY!” Have you ever seen young kids get wrestled to the ground with their neck bended back and their eyes rolling back into their head? It was disturbing for me to watch. This is another reason why I can’t stomach the idea of watching a UFC fight. Scare Me!!

Anyway, luckily it was close to lunchtime when we got there so we headed out to a Greek place and did some catching up. They are really nice people and it was awesome to have a former Oki peep to reminisce with. Saige and Tai are in the same grade and I fondly remember him hanging at our house a few summers ago. While it was short and sweet, I appreciate the time we had and the laughter. Hope to see them on a future trip to Italy soon…

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