Saige has Soul

Well, my daughter has officially become a paid worker (and it doesn’t involve running after kids and wiping noses). Saige is literally at her new place of “employment” as I write this. It’s so weird to say that out loud. We were not looking for it, we weren’t talking about it, nada. It came upon us like most things do…as God’s intention. Being in the hotel, we have been going to dinner most nights and Friday was no exception. I Googled some restaurant reviews in the KMC (since I was in desperate need of something different than rustic German dishes) and Touch of Soul was on the list. “Family atmosphere, Southern American food, English speaking”.

Sounds perfect! So we ventured off and the minute we walked in, I felt the South all around me. The rooms were sectioned off like a house, the American Flag was hanging all over the place, portraits of Soldiers old and new were framed throughout, and there she was…Mama West.

She immediately walked up to us and said “Well hey there honey. First time?” we said yes and she said “Well welcome…and sit where you like” Two seconds later she was introducing herself and telling us we may want to sit away from the mirror cause she knows “that baby’s gonna wanna touch it and it’s wobbly…not his fault, he’s just a child and children like to touch.” I was instantly drawn. She was no nonsense.

I could tell I was gonna be making many trips in my future. The menu was simple…fried chicken, ribs, fried pork chops and all the fixins…plus real.sweet.tea WITH ICE! On the front page of the menu, Mama’s bio was there for all to see. Child to a family that cooks, and a culinary graduate in French cuisine.

Her passion was to show her love through feeding people. And she was the only cook for the whole place. One waitress and her. Talk about a personal touch.

I thoroughly enjoyed my pork chop, smothered cabbage, green beans and mashed taters. It reminded me of the many southern places we visited while living in GA. So good! Once we were finished, we said our goodbyes and went to pay…I should have known that Mama wasn’t about having a credit card machine up in there. She didn’t even sell liquor. So, George took the boys and hunted for a Geldautomat (ATM) while Saige and I sat at the front table and chatted up Mama. She told us her story about how she moved here in ’95 to help her single father son raise his girls. 15 years later, her grandkids are graduated from college and Mama runs Touch of Soul in Ramstein. She explained that she loves it here. “It’s like the old fashioned way of living, that’s not all fast.” Boy am I glad she stayed. The three of us girls were there a good 15 minutes laughing and talking about anything that came to mind. As George pulled up, we said thank you again. Out of nowhere, Saige blurted out something that shocked me instantly…”You know if you ever need any help here, I would love to work here.” She continued to say, “It’s so fun here”. Mama’s response, “Can you come by Sunday?” I felt like I was in a tennis match watching this go down. After the awkward smile I had on my face, I said “Well, what would she do?” She just wanted her to help make drinks and help Michelle (the sole waitress) out since she had to come in late. Saige was grinning ear to ear. Mama had told us in our chat earlier how impressed she was with our kids and she could see the love within our Family. I think she saw what I already knew…Saige is a gift to have in your life. So, they went over some details and times. She will come in on Friday and Saturday evenings for a few hours (She can’t work on Sundays typically because of softball). And get 5 euro an hour (about $7.50). A little padding in her pocket and some good Mama wisdom every week. How could I say no to that? I didn’t. I know she will enjoy it and do a great job. I can’t wait to hear about her day when I pick her up. In the meantime, here’s some research on Mama and her Touch of Soul. I know my peeps (Saige’s other moms) want to get the 411 on this action, too. It takes a village you know. And Mama just moved in!!

I’m peeved I didn’t have my camera at dinner…but it looks like I’ll have more chances to snap these two hard at work soon!

Proud Momma,

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