Love is in the Air

Happy St. Valentine’s day!

I must say, Valentine’s Day has always been a Holiday we celebrated, but in a low-key kind of way. I am a believer that picking one specific day to show some lovin’ is pretty disconnecting. We, at the Isla Casa, try our best to make it Valentine’s everyday. So normally on THIS day, we incorporate creating some gifts for teachers and friends and then maybe out to dinner. Simple enough.

Oh, I do enjoy enjoy seeing the crafts that other moms/parents come up with for their kid’s exchange. Aren’t these so cute? Toddler parents always hook it up…

I should know ;o)

It’s no secret that being at the hotel has really put a damper on a lot of our normal routines, especially if you slap in a Holiday. But I did my best and managed to score some “in demand” Spongebob and Transformers V-Day cards as well as a couple of gifts in my running around. Teage had a good time stuffing his candy/gift bags. And YES, the ladies do love you…

The movers were also slated to come the day after V-Day (today) so we had much organizing to do on the actual Holiday. Soooo you can only imagine the look on my face when George whisked me away to the jewelry store and laid this one on me…

“Pick out your ring babe…”



I about fainted right there. He had been mentioning it to me the last 2-3 years that I was in need of an upgrade to my original bridal set. As most my peeps know…I am not the girl that likes to be dripping in bling (too much can be tacky, ya know?). I am also not a fan of gold. And besides, I am that stubborn wife who says, “There’s so much I could do with that kind of moolah…it’s not necessary” (insert the 2-3 years). But…WTF?! I mean ok…who cares if it was our tax refund dollars hard at work. He gave me open reign and there I was…in bauble heaven!! Happy V-DAY to MAMA!!!

Doesn’t just make you s-iiiii-ng? I am still in shock…

The icing was when he told me, “You’re my wife and I love you. It’s been 16 years of you and me. You deserve something beautiful.” *tear, sniff* Eff Cupid…Love me some hubby action :o)

I don’t think my gift of a spa massage with some truck accessories really measured up. It seemed so lame and definitely paled in comparison…even though he assured me he loved it. The kids received some chocolate, a couple games, some spy gear, and beauty supplies for the girlie. What a fabulous “pick me up” after all that has happened recently.

Moral of this story is…even though love shouldn’t be pigeonholed to one day, it’s ok to up the ante every now and then. THIS is one Holiday I will never forget!

P.S. Hey, snow fairy. Can you take a chill pill and stop denying kids of their education. They REALLY want to get back to school…


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