Wish List

I decided in AZ that when I came home there would be some changes to take place within my Family and with our home. Today, I am talking about our house and the amount of STUFF we have. Most of our things we have had for ages. Some have deep meanings, but most don’t. I refuse to forge ahead through life with pointless “crap”. With three kids and a move every 3-4 years, the “crap” load seems to get larger by the minute. So with this last move, I am ridding ourselves of the “comfort” objects in our home and filling them with simpler, more meaningful pieces to carry into our Family’s future…

With that said, I am compiling a wish list of things that catch my eye that I want to include in my inventory of change. This way I can keep track of what I have seen and what I want. I always enjoy feedback…but only if you say you like what I picked. LOL! (don’t tell me you think that’s ugly and wouldn’t DARE hang that on your wall…because I’ll just delete it – HA). Seriously, I do want to know what you think or if you have seen something similar somewhere…it helps in my search. Thanks and here’s the first item on my list…

Favorite Places Board

Who doesn’t want a board to highlight the favorite, memorable places you have visited in your life? LOVES IT!!!


2 thoughts on “Wish List

  1. Oh that is an awesome idea. You guys are going to able to fill that up over there. Since you photograph everything(-: You could have a wall of the places you love with framed pictures that you took. SO you not only see the name since you are visual you would see the photo. The fact that you took it would be cool too. You could do it down a hall.

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