Can I Have Your Autograph?

I have this upcoming post about our “drama” with the house (with pics), but I decided to save that for later. My life seems to be full of just sadness lately that I need a little quirky…a little smile…a little Di moment (don’t you?). So here is my pointless, unthoughtful, silly banter, post.

Ever been told you look like someone famous? Or do you think you look like a celebrity? I love it when people say they look like someone and you just sit there and think “Uh, nice try…but you look nothing like Johnny Depp.” Sometimes I can totally see a celebrity in someone’s face right off the bat. A second cousin version perhaps.

Either way, I have always been told over the years that I have looked like two particular actresses. One is from my younger years and one as an adult. Now, don’t assume I believe it. I’m one of those that has been told. I didn’t look in the mirror one day and say…”I am so moonlighting as a celebrity drag queen with this face.”

The first is Meredith Salenger. Never heard of her, have you? Alright, maybe she’s not that famous! But she has a pretty decent resume in Hollywood. In fact, she starred in one of my favorite teen movies from back in the day. Ever see The Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon? Well, she was one of the young girls vying for Jimmy’s attention. This was obviously from my younger years…so here’s the comparison.

Me (and yep, that’s my Saigie Baby)

and Meredith Salenger

It’s a close call…she has much better lips than I do. But we both rocked the same hair and smile I guess. Ahh, the innocence. Moving on…

The next one is someone that when I was told…I said “Oh hell no!” People insisted that we have the same smile and…you guessed it, hair. I don’t really see it. I think they have me confused with having the same comedic wit (which I’ll take in a heartbeat). But when I stumbled on this pic…I thought, “Ok, it’s possible”. This is my daily look after all…

I’m no Sandra Bullock, but I play her in real life :o)

Which celebrity do people say you look like? Or, which one do you think you look like? I promise I will give you my honest assessment. It’s all in good fun!

P.S. A friend of mine just recently emailed me and told me that Saige looks like Pauly D from Jersey Shore in the face….hmmmmm! I told her and she said “Yeah I could be his sister”, like she had heard it before. Strange. She is much more ladylike and glamorous than Pauly D…even with the diva hair he tries to rock. LOL!

Until we meet again….

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