Mini-PHX Update

I have so much to write about…

“Dad” doesn’t have wireless in his house (something we will have to fix before we leave here), so my laptop has been collecting dust in the carry-on for days. So I am using G-Pa’s Ultra Command Center ‘Puter. Anyway, the visit is going awesome! The kids are having a blast be-bopping between the G-Parent’s houses since that means Teage can play with “Lady” and the “small dogs” no matter where we are. Saige is enchanted with all the shoping at her fingertips…JD would rather just sit and play the Wii or have me hang out in Fry’s Electronics with him all day, but he’s still having a good time.

The visit with Jenny is going FANTABULOUS! All the days she has been my road dawg, and this visit couldn’t have come at a better time in our lives or location. She has been my sanity this past week (more on that later). So far we have hit up the Arrowhead Mall, Target, Wal-Mart, the Dollar Tree, Arby’s, Village Inn, Best Buy, Barnes & Noble, Ross, and the salon. So Far, So good…with much more to follow!

It’s so refreshing to visit with the in-laws (mainly, because you realize that your extended family is not the only one that’s crazy LOL). G-Pa has been GREAT! He’s braved all the “on the go” moments and keeps throwing in his one-liners, which personally I can’t get enough of. G-Ma has spent some good quality time with Saigie and had big girl bonding time…the boy bonding will soon follow. Plus, I finally got to meet the other Isla chil’ren. Granted it was 11pm and they were sprung from the car following their road trip. Which means they weren’t exactly feeling Aunt Diane’s desire to roll around on the ground and play kissies. All good things come to those who wait, I guess.

I have pics to post from the trip, but I must wait till the laptop is on full swing to upload. So get prepared for “photo phun” coming soon. I hope everyone is doing great and getting all the last minute shopping completed. Will blog soon….right now, it is EARLY and there’s a party in my mouth that I need to take care of :o)

Love ya….

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