The Snow is HERE!

I am so excited that I trumped the blog post I WAS working on to interrupt you with this special bulletin:

The snow has finally arrived in the KMC!

George came bursting into our room (he and Teage fell asleep on the couch last night) and yanked the rolladens up to show me the magnificent white outdoors. If you had been paying attention to my Facebook comments, I had given up all hope that we would see snow before we left for our trip tomorrow. And the Gods made sure not to disappoint me. Thank you…

This was Teage’s first snow and I could tell he didn’t know what to make of it all. We quickly hammered the big kids to “wake up” (they appreciated that) and slapped on the rain boots and gloves. George was a party pooper and watched from inside because he was “COLDY” (what a wuss)…I just called my husband a wuss on the blog…oh well, anyway immediately the snowball fight began between the big two.

Teage had other plans…first thing’s first, gotta see what it’s made of:

Planning strategic stealth moves…

He’s planning his attack!


Teage getting in on the action…

Two against one!

Trying to recruit a little girl for his snowball team…

Can you see it?

Our lamppost near the rock fountain…

Catching flakes…and flies?

Busting out the sled…

She makes winter look GOOD!!

Snow makes everything so pretty, doesn’t it?


I’m so happy they got to enjoy it before we left for ‘not so snowy’ AZ. God really does love me…

If we get more inches later today (after I finish packing ALL the dang bags), I am SO throwing them back out there to make snow angels!

Love ya and Happy Snow Day!!!

2 thoughts on “The Snow is HERE!

  1. WHOOP! What a great snow! Those are some great pics you got! I'm glad I got to see some where we are too before we took off for 80 degree Phoenix. Have a super safe flight ya'll. xo

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