A Dozen for JD!

Well, the middle one has officially entered “pre-teen” status. My not so little JD is 12 and on his way…

I love celebrating his birthday because he always gets super excited and he’s so genuine with his reactions (that’s all the days actually). Anyway, this year (as most) it was pretty low-key. While the big kids were at school, Teage and I quickly got working on his cake. What a big helper…

After they got home, we enhanced the celebrating by going to the FRG Christmas Party. It was nice and they all had a great time decorating cookies and such.

They even had a Holiday photo spot…which I couldn’t resist.

After we snuck out of the party early, we headed to Chili’s for dinner (his choice)…but by then all he wanted to do was get home and open presents. Of course, we had to do the cake first.

I love how in this picture he is basically telling Teage to back off the cake.

But, as all good parents know and do…we relit the fire and let Teage get a turn. I’m screaming “Back up, you’re going to burn your face off!”

First gift…open it up brother!

It’s a…pair of shoes?! Ahh…the fake smile, which let’s me know my plan worked!

He said, “OH…shoes, thank you”. Open the shoes, JD. “What? Another present?” (Teage could hardly contain himself)

And the struggle begins…

He wanted the Lego Indy Jones Games 2 on the Wii, BAAAD! He was so happy…

OK, on to the next one. Now, let me just give you the comparison. Here he is getting his Visa Gift Card…

What is up with that? His reaction is like he almost is disgusted with it. He could care less about this cold hard cash right in front of him (ahh, the innocence). Hilarious.

Finally, the next gift…from Teage and Saige! (Again, Teage was about to burst!!)

I guess Shorts is a boy type movie. All I hear is about the Booger Monster…mmmmm!

I think he enjoyed his day. I can’t wait to celebrate again when we get to PHX…Dave and Buster’s is gonna rock.

Birthdays make me so nostalgic. I think about how fast time zinged by and how much growing up has taken place. How did it go from here to now, SO FAST?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY my J-dle Deedle…

4 thoughts on “A Dozen for JD!

  1. You have such a beautiful family!My second oldest is a tween girl, and my eldest is only 10 months older..lol. But, I know how you feel. It's hard to imagine that they were once babies.I was laughing at what you were writing about him opening his presents. LOL, it sounds like me! And of course, the drama with the younger siblings.

  2. I love Teage looming over the gift action. So cute. I absolutely love the pics and the transitions. Yes, I also cannot wait for Dave and Buster's! It will be a fun time exchanging all the birthday gifts there. 🙂 Whoop!

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