My kids finally got to see the one and only true Kris Kringle (alright, maybe he was just a guy “helping” Santa…and not the real one).

The only issue I had with the whole first time Holiday meeting was that I think Santa was hitting the bottle before chair call time (allegedly). OK, just take a look for yourself (these dramatizations have been created for this blog, and YES…it went down exactly like this):

*please click on the pics to see them larger*

I could not stop laughing the whole entire time. It was like they just picked this guy up off the street and threw him in a red suit. His beard gave me problems from the get-go. What is that? It totally makes me think of Bad Santa. And the look on my kids’ faces…they’re not dumb…they could probably smell the Jim Beam on his breath. I should have taken a hint when I saw that NO ONE was in line to see him when we walked up. I thought we scored…but apparently Santa was the only one scoring that night…with a flask and some Visine. So what do you do in a situation like this, you ask? You tell your kids Santa’s being goofy and to join in…they gladly obliged!

I was in such a delirious state, that I said we ALL have to get in on this one…and I’m glad we did. Who knew inebriated Santas could be fun for everyone! HA!

Check back for JD’s Birthday post later today…LOVE YA!

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