Thanksgiving Line-up

It’s hard to believe that Turkey Day has come and gone. I feel like the Time Traveler’s Wife. All the holidays seem to run together these days and all the days I’m playing catch up to the next one. So let’s spend a little more time on this fabulous Holiday, shall we? It’s all about the food here (which I love) and unbuttoning your pants (in no particular order). I unbuttoned mine right after the mac and cheese. But, you can do this at any time really.

Speaking of mac and cheese….here is our line-up of the all-stars that made the menu list this year. Don’t drool on your keyboard people…I don’t do replacements or refunds.

The appetizers (or pre-game, if you will)…consisted of a relish tray, mexican dip, and a Fam Bam craze….bacon wrapped brown sugar smokies, YUMM!

Once that was over, it started with the Pie…Pumpkin to be exact…Mrs Smith’s if you have to be nosy. That sucker needed to bake and get out of my way.

Next up to bat, Saige helped me make the Candied Yams. She’s got mad peeling skills, but apparently doesn’t want anyone to take her picture while she’s doing it.

In Okinawa, they don’t grow orange sweet potatoes I guess…because I never saw a ONE. They are into the Benimo, purple sweet potato. Apparently, it saved thousands of starving people when Okinawa was hit with a famine period hundreds of years ago. They make candy and ice cream out of it even (amongst other things). But, you can imagine my thrill when I finally got to make my traditional yam recipe! Sweeet!

Playing shortstop…the Corn Souffle. I think about my seester when I make this dish…because it is sprinkled with thyme and oh so delish!

Keeping it all together, the Down Home Macaroni and Cheese! You all know it, and love it…

Somehow, I managed to leave the Green Bean Casserole out of the photo list, but it was SO there! You can see it below somewhere, I’m sure.

Add a little Zucchini and Tomatoes (my total fave and everyone else’s kryptonite, but since I was cooking…too bad, it’s on the list).

And the cranberries and turkey skin to round out the outfield.

This year’s MVP, the Turkey!! I did not cook my turkey this year (so I guess it is technically disqualified as MVP), we ordered it deep fried through the Officer’s Club on Ramstein. With the miniature size oven space the Germans rock and the 220 voltage in my house, I thought it best to just order it this time and save myself the agony with trying to fight the turkey. It was awesome!!!

JD couldn’t wait to get busy on that bird…

Ok, so here’s the real MVP…my homemade rolls! They were the best thing on the plate…hands down. I’m making more tomorrow…

And that’s the line-up…gravy and all.

It was a pretty intimate dinner and I’m so glad we got to eat together for our first one here. We went around the room and said out loud what we were thankful for…

JD said, “I’m thankful for all of us to be together and the Indiana Jones game I want for my birthday”

Saige said, “I’m thankful for my Family and our home.”

Teage said, “I don’t wanna…”

George said, “I’m thankful that we’re done saying thankfuls so we can eat…ok, and for all of us being loud, healthy, and happy together.”

Amen to that!

After we did “cheers” about ten times (Teage insisted and YES that is sparkling apple cider in the kids’ glasses…only), we ate our dinner and laughed and continued to be the loud people we are. Who said Thanksgiving as to be all prim?…I think I spent at least 10 minutes trying stop Teage from pouring apple cider on his brother due to a sibling rivalry moment at the table.

It was perfect and totally in the Fam Bam tradition.

After dinner, we watched movies, talked to Family on the phone, and there was some Lego building involved. Next morning, George and I headed out to the BX about 6:30 (not in a line, just as regular customers) and picked up some things we had eyeballed in the ad…I’m so glad my hubby likes to shop with me. It makes the receipt total not seem as evil. Then we had a nice lunch and headed back home to the kids. A couple hours later, Saige and I headed back out and bought our movie tickets to see New Moon finally. It was good (personally, it was a little peak and valley to me)….but the ending left you wanting more which is always the point, I guess. While Saige and I were waiting for the movie to start, we went into the credit union to make the electric payment and they were doing a hourly gift card giveaway, so I entered for the following hour (to Saige’s huge dismay “Mom, you’re not gonna win”). So we went back by at the top of the hour just to see and I WON!! $30 Visa card to me….what can I say, I have good karma! Needless to say, Saige was in shock and said “That is so cool, I think you won because I was saying you wouldn’t” Kids are so funny! I just shook my head and was like “Yeah I guess that’s it, but next time how about we be more positive….cause your mom’s a WIENER!!!” HA HA! Saturday…will consist of downtown, the Christmas Market, and more Fam fun. Until then….

We hope everyone’s Holiday was just as much fun and full of laughter & memorable moments like ours. We miss all our Family and Peeps all over the world and want you to know that you are always with us no matter what Holiday or where we are. Love to you all…

Next up…my boy’s birthday!!!

Love Ya

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