Low Key…

This past week was the first week in a while where things have been low key. No painting and I got to do some crafting and mess with the photos I sent off for in the mail. I also managed to start organizing my recipe box, or lack there of. I have so many recipes that I need to transfer onto cards…but, the most important thing was I found my corn souffle and candied yam recipe for this Thursday. WOO HOO! The hubby’s gonna be kissing the ground I walk on…

Anyway, this past week…JD had a skate party at school. They were promoting healthy behavior…so why not free roller skating? He had a blast and by the end of the party, he was doing tricks on his skates (who does he think he is?). Anyway, he kept giving me this look as he rounded the corner by me…

Saige spent her time feeling the music and admiring all the “young kids”…I guess because she is so OLD? (again, who do my kids think they are?)

I started to have my fill of that whole scene about 15 minutes in and decided to leave their butts there and take Teage to the park across the way. No one was there and it is HUGE. I see a grandiose barbecue in my future there. I was fooling around trying to get him with some sun flare (see post below on sun flared photos). This was my second choice by the way…

The sun was just going down for the evening (it was only 4pm…so weird) so it was perfect light. I stalked him as he wielded his magic sword throughout the forest to get to the playground. He’s so much fun…all the days!

During our forest adventure, we also scouted for some ideal marshmallow roasting sticks. This weekend, we finally put that fireplace to its best job…

I didn’t have the graham crackers stocked for S’mores (Saige was peeved), but like I say…”You gotta crawl before you walk”…let’s enjoy the marshmallow at its finest before we start adding frills! They thanked me later!!

All in all, I thoroughly enjoy a good low key week/weekend. I look forward to some more Fam Bam chill time with a little Turkey and dressing added to the plate, literally!

P.S. Why is it every time I pass the camera onto my husband, he manages to only take pictures that have my chest front and center? He’s so predictable LOL!! I now have 5 or 5 photos of me roasting a marshmallow with no marshmallow in sight or my face for that matter…Dude!!

One thought on “Low Key…

  1. hahahah! Wait until Photo time next month. Dude. Photo5000! I bought stuff for smores the other day for our outside fire. I can't wait. I love Marshmallows! I hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving. 🙂

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