I Heart Sun Flared Faces!

Capturing sun flare in a photo it not as easy as it looks. I have gotten a few “lucky” shots when I wasn’t trying…but, to try and capture a good flare involve many maneuvers (all of which I cannot mention here- hee hee)! At I Faces this week, the task was to capture not only a face, but a sun flare, oh so perfect. The funny thing is when I stopped trying to get a perfect shot…everything fell into place. I snapped at least four worthy pics when taking Teage to the park. It was just before the sun was going down while we were waiting for JD to finish his skate party across the street. I actually had to toy with choosing just one. Sun Flare Rocks….

If you want to check out other sun flared photos, or see a tutorial on how to catch sun flare…head on over to:

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