Foodie Friday

I have been slacking the foodie dept lately…and my only excuse is…well, I don’t have one, but Fridays are the one day that my whole Family usually decides to have a meltdown about the upcoming weekend. The teenager wants to make all these “plans” with everyone she knows on the earth, the hubby tries to figure out how to squeeze in working at home without seeming like an unplugged parent, and the boys have only one thing on their mind…staying up LATE and causing a ruckus! My job is to make sure I blow the whistle on ruckus, plan my many taxi cab services, shield the hubby’s makeshift workstation he has created using two TV trays and the WHOLE love-seat, and make sure everyone eats at the same time. Not a bad excuse, is it?

Speaking of eating…my foodie pic is a flashback. For me. I am reminiscing lately about the amazing variety of restaurants we had in Okinawa. There was just so much to choose from if you wanted to go out to eat. I miss it. Bad. For example, I was just thinking about this today…when George decided to tell some lady at work that I could whip up some Kahlua Pig, WTF? I have NEVER made that dish. Anyway, I miss Okinawa’s Ona Kow Kow! This Hawaiian foodie spot is the diggity. Plastic leis, coconut boobie holders, flowered shirts, and paper umbrellas at every corner. What’s not to like?

Of course the best part about it was the garlic mahi mahi, the garlic chicken, and the steak tips. Eat your heart out…and then say a prayer for me that I don’t try to defy the odds and swim all the way back to that island.

Oh, and can someone please go to the Purple Flag Soba Shop for me and steal their recipe? I am now being told I need to re-create this magical soup…ho hum!

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