Falling into Winter

I love this time of year..almost as much as I love Spring (which is my favorite season). It has been 3 years since we have experienced a legitimate “Autumn” and I must say, it was well worth the wait! I am just mesmerized every time I go outside and lay my eyes on all the colors Fall brings. Germany does NOT disappoint in this area!! Let me stop blabbing about my googly Fall Feelings and let you see for yourself…

To top it off, Fall brings us closer to that one Holiday…where Rudolph plays reindeer games, the bells jingle all the way, the eggnog fills the fridge, shopping malls become grand central station, snow angels replace sidewalk chalk, mantles are strewn with stockings, the man with the red suit gets all kinds of love, and the time when pine trees never looked so good!! I think this picture sums up what the beginning of the Holidays looks like…..

P.S. I stumbled upon a 1 Euro Store (think dollar or yen store) and saw this….ONLY IN EUROPE!! (to my girls…porchtime for less than 2 dollars = possible rehab in the future)

P.S.S. The sunsets were like nothing else in Okinawa…but WOW, the sunrise from my balcony is pretty amazing!

One thought on “Falling into Winter

  1. Great pictures. I especially like the one with the cow! I can't wait until we scoot over to Europe. My camera is poised and ready. I fee like I need to get out and take some pics of the tress too before they all fall off. It's been COLD here lately. Thanks for sharing the great pics. xo

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