I Heart Faces – Thankfulness!

Monday Mortals will be in the form of the I Faces post this week.

The task is to write who/what you are thankful for in a story of photos. My mortal this week fits BIG TIME!! For my hubby George….

As a young boy,

I’m sure he was really “helpful” around the house….just like he is now! He is my handyman/hero and I am thankful he knows how to make a bookshelf out of a bubblegum wrapper :o) Thank You to my very own MacGyver…

As a teenager,

he lit up every room he walked into. His smile was genuine and inviting. I am thankful for his real-ness and for always inviting me in his direction…and THANK YOU for that butt in those jeans :o)

As a Drill Sergeant,

he was strong and taught people how to be disciplined. I am thankful for his strong mind, protective grasp on our Family, and for teaching our children about discipline.

As a Softball Player,

he is playful, competitive, driven and passionate. I am thankful for his spunky attitude, his compassion towards what he loves, his youthful spirit, the drive he has passed onto our kids, and for always being a team player.

As a Father,

he is loving, present, a gentleman, a role model, and a teacher. I am thankful for his ability to teach the kids right from wrong, his sense to be a strong role model, his ways of showing our daughter what a gentleman is, and that he fights the good fight with me in raising all three.

As my husband…

Thank You, handsome man, for being my true love. The one who adores me, the one who saves me, the one who protects me, the one who provides for me, the one who laughs with me, the one who puts up with me, the one who never gives up on me, the father of my children, the one who is engaged in them no matter how long the day gets, the one who is my true best friend. I don’t say it enough…how lucky I am to be by his side. We conquer everything together…

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8 thoughts on “I Heart Faces – Thankfulness!

  1. Very sweet and endearing post!! Love the new look of your blog, especially the polaroid section! You are constantly challenging me to pimp my page.. I love it ;-)!

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