To be a Military Family, you always have anxiety about WHEN your Soldier is going to deploy, IF he is gonna come back, WHY do so many have to go repetitively, and WHERE will this leave our Family in the end? We see stories of PTSD and Reintegration, but does that entail opening fire on one of your own?

The tragic events that occurred on Ft Hood, rips my heart out. Not just because that could have been my someone in my Family or a friend’s Family, but because it makes us fear our own “brother”. I remember when George was deployed to Bosnia, he told me that there was this fellow Soldier that he was leery to be around because he seemed angry about being there AND he was carrying an M-16 all day long. The two don’t mix. These are the people you are supposed to be fighting back to back with. Not someone you are supposed to be dodging bullets from.

This man (the psychotic murderer…I refuse to state his name because he is not worthy), turned on his brothers. He turned on his Country. Snap judgment, temporary insanity, or depression will not suffice in his defense. These Soldiers are trained heavily in how to deal with wartime. They are offered some of the best emotional support in the world, via Chaplains, Suicide prevention programs, Stress & Anger Management classes/programs, the list goes on! And all of these are free and some even required for our Soldiers. And to boot, he was a psychiatrist?! There is no excuse for unleashing your emotional breakdown onto the ones who would have stood beside you and would have taken their life for you. What a disgrace and what a tragedy!

I applaud and am thankful for the ones that essentially took him down and saved who knows how many lives.

I pray for all the people at Fort Hood. We know all too well that the military is a small world and a Family in itself…we say it all the time. I send out my prayers and offer my support to my Military Family. May the healing bring some understanding in the future and may the Ft Hood Family rally together to begin that healing. Oh, and may that effer realize what he’s done and feel guilt while getting the book thrown at him…TWICE!

Standing up for my “Family”,

2 thoughts on “Praying…

  1. I agree with you Diane. I'm so upset and sad and angry about people who are supposedly "one of my own" doing these things. We had another nasty incident on Oki recently, so I've been hit doubly hard by these brothers in arms of mine. I'm having a hard time resolving it in my head.

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