Foodie Friday

I’m sharing with you this Foodie Friday, my Easy Peasy Taco Hot Pockets! I threw these together the other day (I started late so I was not feeling a massive mealtime throwdown). Anyway, It starts with the meat…ground beef of course and taco seasoning.

After that is cooked and mixed together, I unrolled some store bought pizza dough and rolled it out. Once you roll it, you cut it into 8 sections…

Yummy goodness isn’t usually happening in my house without cheese. Sprinkle the cheese (I use colby/monterey jack) and whatever else you want to add. I could have really went to town here, but since I cook for the only humans on Earth with ultra-sensitive palettes, I keep it simple (and crowd pleasing). I would have added blk olives, extra onions, maybe even some corn to mine).

Once you have added the meat atop the cheesy mountain, you must fold one side over and crimp the edges with a fork (or a play-doh cutter). Sorry these are messy looking, I told you I was in a hurry….geez!

After you cook them at 350 for about 15-20 minutes (or until the crust is the perfect golden color), pull ’em out and get out your sour cream & salsa (that’s what I did) while it cools. Perfect for kids and yummy enough to please the hubby.

I have made ham and cheese, turkey and broccoli, and next I think I am going to try this with spinach and chicken. YUM!!

Channeling my inner Rachel Ray,

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