Monday Mortals

This week’s mortal was an easy choice for me…mainly because I love her so much. She has become one of my best friends, by way of many obstacles. There was a time when I would dream of throwing spiders in her bed or worse, due to my little sister syndrome….then succeeding in moments like when I ripped jewelry right off her neck and forced her into hiding (sorry about that, but you DID throw kool-aid in my face that one time). Our sibling rivalry has left an imprint of my most fondest memories that have made us both laugh and cry at the same time.

My seester Thyme is an amazing person! She is intelligent, loving, a phenomenal bargain shopper, an extremely nurturing mom, one heck of a snazzy dresser, and above all…B.E.A-UTIFUL, inside and out! I admire her for so many of her qualities…and am super proud to be her little sister (even if I didn’t realize it 20 years ago). Thank you big sis for all that you are to me…for showering me with love everytime I came to visit you, for holding my hand in my greatest time of need, for standing up for me, for engaging in my life, for being a great Aunt to my kids, for making me feel like your equal. You deserve the best in life and we both know you are succeeding in that everyday. I love you and look forward to the day when it is just us siblings again so we can make up for the times when we didn’t really appreciate each other.

Sisters are a bond like no other. I have two of them and I feel so lucky to be in the middle, actually. I adore my little seester, Ebeth, just as much. She was much younger than Thyme and I, but a lady Crichfield still the same. Don’t worry baby sis, your mortal moment is coming SOON!! Aren’t we awesome…..? (plus, this picture makes me look tallest, hee hee)

I come from a family of five children…

…and that is what I mean when I say we didn’t really appreciate each other…we were too busy beating each other up or stealing each other’s clothes! I love all my sibs and hope that one day we can all be in the same place (geographically and emotionally) to make up for the lost time and lost feelings. I dream of it…

This is a terrible photo…must have been a K-Mart special going on. Seriously, why don’t I have that same posture?…and Holy barrettes and bangs!!

5 thoughts on “Monday Mortals

  1. I cannot give a proper "Thank You" in this little comment box…but let me say at least this much….I admire and adore you too…and that tribute could have easily been my words to you instead of yours….I love you!

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