Foodie Friday!!

(last week’s foodie post I mean, not the missing sock from the other day’s laundry)

I have several mouthwatering photos to last me the next 8 Fridays….but I will go with the most recent because it was just so DAMN good! I had heard of the Turkish Pizza from George’s old Sergeant Major…and I was like, “Isn’t that just a doner/gyro?” I’ve had that…and yeah they are delish! When Steve got here, he insisted we get this advance version…the Lahmacun,

…aka the Turkish Taco (his second in two days…making up for lost time I take it). The first place we went to….closure, weird. I said, “is there a holiday we don’t know about?” Second place…lights out and no lamb meat heater on. Hmmmm…….the funny thing was, we weren’t giving up once we passed this overpriced boutique that was surely open 2 days a week minimum. If they were open…we were gettin’ some frickin T.T.s (that sounds worse than I mean it…honestly)!

A couple side streets and u-turns later….ALAS, Doner Heaven!..err I mean Turkish Taco Wonderland.

What to choose….actually I just chased Teage around the tables while the TT expert ordered for us.

This was after he decided to try and run behind the counter and help the dude out…

And this was after he drank too much orange crush…HAM!!

This was what he wanted to do the WHOLE time we were there, and yes that’s a casino game…I should have given him a handful of Euro cents and let him win us some moolah, but gambling’s illegal for 3 year olds they say.

The doner guy uses this fancy machine to shave the lamb (or goat) meat off the spit.

Back in the day it was just a plain old knife..even doner shops are coming with age. Next, he added some yummy goodness to a flatbread that was encrusted with some sort of spice mix…and rolled that sucker up like a homemade stoagie…not that I’ve ever rolled anything up and smoked it. ;o)

T.T. Triumph!!

I wish the pics came out better…it was wrapped too tightly I guess. (I know you are eye-balling my Schwip Schwepp aka Cola Orange…it was goooood)


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