Monday Mortals

Typically, I have posted mortals who are in my life and whom I love. While this is exactly the idea behind starting “Monday Mortals”, it certainly doesn’t refrain me from throwing in a celebrity to shake things up a bit. You know how I ♥ my overpaid, mostly unworthy, mostly trainwrecked, and gorgeous celebrities. This week, I have got to rave about my newest mini crush. He hasn’t reached Matt Damon, Leo Di or Mark Wahlberg status, and probably never will….but all in all, he still intrigues me.

I have been obsessed with Gossip Girl ever since we got to the first hotel here in Germany. What can I say, I had some time on my hands…ANYWAY, this guy’s character disgusted me at first…vile and cocky and a womanizer. He wasn’t even that cute! But as the seasons evolved so did Chuck Bass.

His smarmy essence was slowly replaced with wit, mystery, and an overall gratifying stature. And THEN, I found out he had a British accent in his unfake life. SOLD!!! Chuck Bass, you can pour me a scotch anyday…

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