Business of the Blog….Grand Re-Opening!

I think I am going to have just pretend that the last month or so never happened in order to calm the blog OCD that inhabits my brain. I will NEVER be able to fully catch up on what has occurred in the past several weeks. I do have some pics I want to share of course…SO, I figure I will just add them and caption accordingly and hopefully that will be enough for my readers LOL! But to start things off are some “I Forgot” moments I have had here lately.

I FORGOT that German dudes wear their pants a little too tight sometimes. I mean it’s not like I am really staring, but holy butt-crack….what are they wearing under those jeans, thongs?? Plus, I think this added to my curiosity and ongoing survey…George pointed out that it seems a lot of guys sit all close to each other when out in public…too close for his liking I guess. I started to ponder and somehow coincided the tight pants thing with that. Ultimate result is that European dudes are much more comfortable in their skin and fashion choices. You would never see guys in America wearing their pants that small these days (this is not to be confused with the “skinny jean” trend that boys are wearing…I’m talking about regular jeans but with zero breathing room). Oh, but wait, that’s right….George used to rock that look in the early 90’s, HA HA HA!! I am so going to find, scan, and post that picture as soon as I locate it this weekend.

Next up….I FORGOT that chunky platform shoes are still in style here. I mean I guess that is because of the weather and such over here, but wow. I remember owning a slew of these shoes last time and I wouldn’t be caught dead in them now (that was SO Spice Girls).

My favorites were a white pair of Skechers sneakers that were at least 3 inches high. What was I thinking? Anyway, they can have ’em…I am good with my boots and that’s it. I wonder if Tom Cruise gets down with these??

One more for today…I FORGOT that you cannot mow your grass on Sundays here. It’s considered quiet time and so that means stay in your house and shut the hell up. I’m assuming that goes the same for “no banging nails in the wall to hang your pretty decor”, or “no chopping firewood in your backyard because you realize your whole house is heated with oil and naturally…your tank is empty”. I was so glad when the neighbor kid told me out of the blue and I was like…Oh Yeah!!! Whew, could you imagine the drama if we became the hotspot of the neighborhood’s most wanted. Not good times!

A few shots taken at the entrance to our village…there’s a killer playground there, too.

I told you we were in the “country”…

These are growing all over the playground here…reminds me of some crazy days back when….actually, I don’t really remember. Let’s just leave it at that.

Anyway, here’s what’s been going down…

We found the “home depot” over here….there are two different ones. We bought all our paint, supplies, etc. at a decent price. It’s funny because this one even looks like a Home Depot…down to the orange color.

There will be some post-paint pics coming soon…

Oh and we got in a car accident already. It totally wasn’t my fault (yes I was driving)…we were coming in the gate at Ramstein to make the grand opening of the largest BX in the world that opened here. This pic was after the crash….we ended up being three hours late for all the giveaways…BOO!

We got rear ended by some AF Spouse and she pushed us into an F-150 which is where most of the damage came from. George took pics…and he now likes to remind me to be careful every time we approach a gate. I like to remind him that I killed his score on the driving test. He barely passed by missing the maximum number of questions…I’m just sayin’!!!

I also got myself a new ride….I like the color…it’s so girly. I don’t know if most of you know that I name my cars. I didn’t in Okinawa because I never considered those our cars…those were hoopties. Anyway…meet Emma XTerra! She’s so sporty and perfect for me…

We traveled to the zoo since we’ve been here….the kids had a great time (especially Teage)!

Speaking of…Teage started Pre Gym(nastics) this week and it was adorable. He was such a good listener and had NO problem doing all the tricks (like somersaults, hanging from the low-bar, and side-stepping). I have the OK to take pics inside next class since the ones I took from the window weren’t too good. Here’s what I could get….

And then, right after gym, I took him to get his first mohawk!! It totally fit him. I had been mentioning it to JD to see of he wanted it and he kept saying no….so I went for the kid that didn’t have an opinion…hee hee! I think it makes him look so big now…

Saige has started a few things lately. She is on the Ambassadors Girl’s Senior Softball Team

and has also started Hip Hop Dance class this week. She is playing catch up with the dance since they started last month…but gauging from the impromptu dance moves I have walked in on in her room, I think she’ll pick it up real quick.

This is what the boys were doing while she got her softball on….

JD is still deciding on whether he wants to do karate or art. We are anxiously awaiting for the Drama Club to start in his school, too. He will be ALL OVER THAT!

That’s about it for now. Our second shipment of our household goods will have arrived by the time I post this (more boxes AHHGGGHHHH). And I am now officially sick with a cold so that should be fun. George said it might be swine flu….comforting isn’t he?? All I know is it betta go away…I have guests to entertain this coming week. Ok well….I hope everyone enjoys the pics and has a fabulous long weekend! I will be back on the regular blog schedule by next week with Monday Mortals…HOLLA!!!

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