My Internet Obsession is in Rehab!

I HAD to write something….

Even though I STILL don’t have the “world wide web” at my fingertips, it doesn’t mean I won’t go to extreme lengths to check my email and online banking….ok and facebook! I ahve only a few miutes here at the Pizza Gallerie until I have to take JD for a haircut and pick up Saige from softball. So anyway, things are good. JD and Saige are making all A’s in school so far. PHEW!! Saige has already had a couple suitors ring her bell, but only one made it through the door….Ncik is his name and it seems he is a nice BOY. I emphasize that because that is what he is. And we are making sure they both know that. He asked her to homecoming and she said yes after asking me if was ok. We have already searched for dresses, but she wasn’t thrilled with any. So she has decided to wear one that I bought a few months back that she hasn’t worn yet. MAN…time flies. MAKE IT STOP!!

We have almost finished painting the inside of the house. …when I say we I mean George. We have only the kids’ rooms left :o) It has all turned out sooooo good! I will take pics of it all when it is complete.

This weekend we are preparing for our buddy Steve Elle and his son Jordan to come over for a visit. We are all so excited to hang out and reminisce. Good Times will ensue with them and the Roberts’ WOOT WOOT!!! Other than that, George goes to work Monday (his boss is a civilian, so that is different). Some of the military people are jerks so I’ve seen. All around the attitudes of people are nothing like that of Okinawa. I can’t understand why people have to be so miserable. It boggles me. From the drive thru person to the E-8’s and 9’s… big pissy bowl of cornflakes. Oh well, I guess they will just love me and my need to whoop it up and have fun. Can’t wait for the first function to spread my infectious disease LOL!!! More on that later I’m sure….

Anyway, I just wanted to give you guys a lil update. I am determined to my computers up and running soon so that things can get back to normal (my kind of normal). Hope all is well in the cyberworld and will be in touch soon….

Auf Wiedersehen!!!!

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