First Day…

There are many firsts coming our way these days. Like having my first soda here with no ice (they serve drinks with no ice in Germany, I forgot), first time back and driving with no restrictions on the autobahn, first time my daughter was hit on by a man right in front of me (ok young man…he’s a waiter in our hotel restaurant with obviously no sense), finding out for the first time that power of attorneys aren’t good for finding out info about your husband’s pay, getting our first key to our off base house, and of course the first day of school (woo hoo…I just had a party for one in my mind LOL). Anyway, I wanted to share with you guys pics of the house. We are making it our personal project as well, because while it is big and in a perfect neighborhood, it has some potential for bigger and better things and so I am diving in with home projects right away. Things like painting, do it yourself art pieces, some new flooring upstairs, new light fixtures in some of the rooms, and window treatments. We don’t move in until the 14th so I plan on getting some of these done while it is empty. I can’t wait….

Check out the new Isla Command Center :o)

view from the front door entrance…

our baby fireplace (I can already see the fire going during Christmas Eve)

our living room(s)

kitchen (I plan on making a dining nook near the left corner)

the office (I will have a futon in there for sleepover guests as well)

the laundry room

the downstairs bathroom…(i love the cute pull-out mirror in here)

the stairs to our three basement rooms (we are making one for George’s tool/fix-it shop, one as a dance room/studio complete with mirrored wall, and the other will be storage most likely)

upstairs landing (the phone is to buzz people in our front door)…

two of the kids’ rooms (I think JD and Saige, I say think b/c as you can see they are connected kinda…if I can make sure they are good with that, it will stay that way, otherwise it could end up being the boys’ rooms)

the master bedroom

Teage’s room

Upstairs bathroom (I don’t see anyone standing up in this one…except maybe Teagie)

view of our village from the balcony


Another big first was the start of school. All of this anxiety, and pleading, and the lightening PCS move was for this day. So my kids could start school with everyone else. I got everything put in motion Friday (as soon as we had the house lease in our hands) and they were good to go for today. I took them both to get their hair ‘did’ as well yesterday. JD had his “first” appt with a beauty salon instead of the old barber shop George always takes him to. I am proud to say that he won’t be going back with dad. They actually styled my boy’s hair and it looked great. Saige got a trim and bangs. They both looked sharp this morning and it caused a tear to form in my eye seeing how big they have become. I can’t believe I have a middle schooler and a high schooler…what’s more, I can’t believe I have 3 year old on top of it…I need a massage! JD was like “see ya mom”, when I walked them down and Saige was more like “can you wait til I know where I am going?” She was more nervous because of the friend thing, but she is so easy-going and likable…she probably will come home with 20 peeps’ numbers. Here are my grown kids on their first day….

Teage couldn’t be excluded from the school pic montage…

Miss you all and talk to you soon!!!

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