Where’s Isla?

After many a layover and a million crying, bratty kids……we are back in the good old US of A!! The film of grime I felt from the trip was unbearable. As soon as we got to the airport we called the Hilton to see if we could check in early. They were nice enough to let us in….Thank You Jesus! We left our “luggage” (9 bags) at the USO til the morning. Gotta love the USO…they rock! We are now off to have lunch (I can’t even imagine what choice it will be…we have been so deprived of the restaurant loop) and then to see if we can check out the Space Needle…jet lag go Away! Next stop….DC!! Talk soon….

2 thoughts on “Where’s Isla?

  1. The Space Needle? Wow, you guys are motivated! I was tired and in shock when we hit Seattle. Then again, travelling with the dogs made things interesting. We did eat at ihop though!! Hope you're having fun and shaking off the jetlag!

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